5 Best Free Ram and Cache Cleaner for Android

If your Android phone is filling slow, then it’s a good time to use the best app for cleaning cache and ram. Cleaning your phone from time to time boosts performance, increases battery life, and removes junk from your Android device. To do that you need a smart and Best free Ram and Cache Cleaner for your Android phone.

In this list are writing about only very popular apps. these apps can clean your phone memory, junk files, and phone cache easily. These Free Cache Cleaner apps are used by more than 50 million people. for that reason, we are listing these apps here. you know about these apps here. so don’t waste time and check out these apps below.

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Best Free Ram And Cache Cleaner For Android Phone

Phone Master


This all in one app for your Android Phone Cleaning. Phone Master is one of the best cleaners for android devices available in the Google Play Store. This app has many good features for Android such as an app locker, Data Manager, Junk Cleaner for android, Speed Booster, CPU cooler, and Battery Save. you can block the auto-starting app in the background which makes your phone slow. The phone Master Junk Cleaner feature can help you to remove the storage draining junk cache files easily. In this app, you will get a CPU cooler feature, and its helps to detect and close apps that are likely to cause temperature rise. 


Phone Master app has a good-looking interface with lots of easy-to-use features. You can remove residual junk files from deleted apps and clean the app installation package. This is one of the highest-rated cache cleaner apps available in the android play store. One of the good features of this app is an antivirus so you can schedule your files to scan for virus cleaning. you can use the Phone Master App on Android and make your phone fast and safe.

Download Phone master App



CCleaner is a very popular and very well-known name in Cache Cleaner. Use CCleaner tool on Windows Computer, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. You can reclaim your phone storage space, clean ram, remove junk, and monitor your phone’s android system. You can also browse yours safely. CCleaner is the ultimate phone and cache cleaner app for Android. Master your phone in just a few clicks with RAM and internal storage space features and Check out your battery levels and temperature.


CCleaner is easy to use and optimizes your Android in just a few clicks. You can clean ram and cache efficiently with an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate. One of the cool features of this app is App Stats, which can quickly determine the overall impact of individual apps on your device. You can monitor your android phone easily and Check the usage of your CPU. With CCleaner, you can Quickly stop running tasks and clean memory with Task Killer (RAM Booster). You can also use the App Hibernation feature to stop apps from running in the background until you manually open them.

Download CCleaner App

Avast Cleanup


You may already know about avast because avast is very well known for free antivirus. Avast Cleanup can Tune-Up the Performance of your Android phone in a quick time. Clean up space-consuming junks to make space for your new content. You can clean out unnecessary files, such as app cache, temporary files, or leftover data. See which app is taking how much phone storage space on your phone. And you can identify that app that is taking more space and uninstall apps you no longer use.


Avast Cleanup can detox your photo library. This app can automatically identify and remove bad photos to free up phone storage space. However, if Avast Cleaner is not sure then you will get the option to review it. Get rid of old and duplicate photos from the phone. You can also optimize photo size and move originals to the cloud. With Avast Cleaner you can boost your Android phone battery life by turning off phone functions you don’t use very often. This app can also set profiles to auto-adjust battery usage in your phone depending on where you are (home, work, car). 

Download Avast Cleaner

AVG Cleaner


AVG is also a very popular security software provider and you can AVG cache cleaner on your android device. This app is downloaded over 50 million times in the Google Play store. You can use this app Memory Booster and Junk Cleaner for Android Phones totally free of cost. AVG Cleaner can make your Android device run faster and smoother. You can free up phone storage by clearing the cache and optimizing battery life. With the use of this app, you will get a longer battery life, avoid a lagging Android phone, get rid of junk files, and automatically remove the bad quality or duplicate photos from your photo library.


This cache cleaner is already used by over 50 million people. AVG Cleaner can easily identify apps that consume your battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily. In a few taps, you can install apps that slow down your device and Clean RAM. With Cache Cleaner you can Master your app cache, temporary files, and leftover data easily. App hibernation feature can help you to prolong battery life and keep your device running faster for longer.

Download AVG Cleaner

Files By Google 


This is a file manager app with strong phone cleaner features. As the name clearly indicates this app is developed by Google so you can expect better build quality and performance from the cache cleaner feature of this app. Files By Google is an all-in-one files manager app with a junk cleaner option. You can check your phone’s remaining space and easily clean up your phone from the app dashboard. Unfortunately, you will not get many features like ram cleaner or battery performance booster, etc. You can only clear your phone storage space with Files By Google App.

This app gives cleaning recommendations and you can clean your phone space easily with smart suggestions. With this app, you can share your files very faster up to 480 Mbits, and offline file sharing is secured with WPA2 encryption, providing a more secure file transfer. If you want to keep a file forever you can also back up your files to cloud storage from this app. That leaves your internal storage free and your phone faster. Regularly, you get a prompt to remove junk or temporary files which helps you get more storage immediately. 100 million people are already using this app. You can use this app as the default files manager for your Android device.

Download Files BY Google


These are very popular apps in the cache cleaner category. So you use any of these from the list. Every app is downloaded over 59 million times and developed by big companies. You can their user interface and select which app interface is looking easy for you. 

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