Everything You Need to Know About Valorant’s Agent 21 

Valorant’s agent lineup has been in need of some fresh blood for some time now. Thankfully, fans are going to get exactly what they’ve been asking for in the form of Agent 21. Better known as Harbor, this latest agent promises to be an exciting addition to Valorant’s ever-growing roster. Looking to learn more? Read on to discover more about Harbor’s backstory, his unique abilities, and when exactly you’ll be able to take the reins. 

Valorant Welcomes Agent 21 

Riot Games have been pretty good about releasing a steady stream of new content for Valorant, with the eclectic cast of agents proving particularly popular with players. However, Valorant fans haven’t been able to take control of a new agent since Fade joined the gang back in April 2022. It’s been a long six months, but a new character is finally ready to join in the action. 

Riot announced the news of their newest addition back on October 10 with a Twitter announcement. Up until then, it was rumored Agent 21 would be called ‘Varun Batra’. With this announcement, Riot not only confirmed Agent 21’s identity but also introduced awesome exciting character details. 

For starters, Harbor will be a Controller, meaning he’ll be able to cover large swathes of the map. Glimmers of his backstory have also been revealed. This operative hails from India and he boasts an assortment of water-based abilities. With that in mind, his new moniker makes complete sense. 

Agent 21 Abilities Explained 

Harbor draws on the natural power of water to unleash devastating attack waves on the enemy. His High Time ability sends a sheet of water at incoming enemies. Players can use their crosshairs to direct this wall of water. Although this ability won’t kill enemies outright, it will slow them down. Harbor also comes with impressive defensive maneuvers. His Cove ability creates a shield of water that blocks incoming projectiles. 

Cascade is another offensive trick that will slow down enemies in their tracks. There’s also Harbor’s Reckoning ability to look forward to. This punishing move draws on Harbor’s Artifact, summoning eruptions of water from the ground. Any enemy in the vicinity will have to contend with a succession of these strikes, which will leave them concussed and out of action. 

When Will Harbor Be Released? 

Many players had assumed that Agent 21 would be released as part of Episode 5 Act 2. However, Valorant fans were left sorely disappointed when a new agent 

failed to materialize. You won’t have to wait long to put Harbor through his paces. The latest Valorant agent is slated to debut on October 18 as part of Episode 5 Act 3. This new agent is just one of several neat features Valorant fans have been waiting for, with a new and improved battle pass being hotly anticipated. 

Ready to see how Harbor can help you on the battlefield? If you’re looking to mark your mark with this latest agent, study up on the ins and outs of Valorant ranks so you can take this champ to the top.

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