How Good are Chromebooks for Students?

We suffered a lot and still suffering due to ongoing pandemic situations. The impact on the education system was worse, schools and colleges were shut-down and students were constrained to their homes.

That’s when education systems decided to opt-for virtual learning or online classes. 

Dependability on laptops and computers has increased several times, that’s why laptops and computer sales are on the top. 

But, one thing that shocked the computer manufacturing brands is the huge sales record of Chromebooks. 

It is not like Chromebooks were introduced in 2020, they were there for almost one decade. But it seems like the world, especially the education system knew the worth and right use of Chromebooks during the pandemic. 

As per reports, in 2021, Chromebook’s sales were 200-times year by year. Students, teachers, business users, and even home users preferred Chromebooks over regular notebooks. We tried to learn the reasons and concluded that Chromebooks are just the right package for students. 

Students attending classes at home on zoom, business persons doing video conferences, and home users doing browsing, docs handling, this all can easily be handled by Chromebooks. 

So, how good Chromebooks are for students? Can they replicate regular notebooks? Let’s learn. 


One main reason for its high purchase is ultra-portability because Chromebooks are the thinnest and most lightweight.

Chromebooks preferred screen size is 13-inches, here, manufacturers do not have to worry about the ports or SD Card reader, that’s why their size is thinnest compared to regular notebooks or laptops.

Students can tuck their Chromebooks in their backpacks easily and take them around. Most the Chromebooks are convertible, so an added benefit. You can just transform yours into a tablet for added useability.

Such as you can binge-watch movies, read PDF books, take notes during online or physical classes, and much more in the row.

Cheapest Computers:

Along with quick performance, Chromebook is cheap and available in your desired budget. Those students that have no extra budget can shop for a good Chromebook on a low budget for their regular computing.  

You can buy a Chromebook for 100 dollars even, yes. Just do the Google and you can find many Chromebooks under the $100 price range. 

But a good Chromebook, the one that you can take on for regular computing, browsing, docs handling, or binge-watching, can easily be purchased for 300-400 dollars. 

And for a family with 3-4 kids attending online classes at one time, buying a regular notebook would be simply a dent in their bank account.

In those cases, Chromebooks are live savors, they are the cheapest computers and anyone can afford even 3-4 Chromebooks buying in one time. 

Simple to Use:

The biggest benefit of Chromebooks over regular notebooks is their simplicity in use. Yes, Chromebooks got ChromeOS, based on Linux, the simple to use and accessible operating system. It helps Chromebooks wake up within 3-4 seconds, and is readily available for online tasks. 

Those of you who have used Chromebooks and Notebooks know how fast Chromebooks are in comparison with regular notebooks laptops. 

I am not saying that Chromebooks are equally good for working laptops, but they are not designed for working. They are made to handle simple online tasks, and as per research, 97 percent of the tasks a regular user does on a laptop can easily be handled using a Chromebook.

Yes, there are limitations such as you can’t install third-party apps or programs. But these limitations prevent you from getting viruses or malware. You can still get millions of apps from Android Play Store and Chrome Web Store; just search the app and you are there. 


Battery life is also important for a Chromebook as no one likes their laptop dead in the middle of attending online classes, watching movies, or in an important meeting. The average battery life of a Chromebook is 8 to 10 hours, which is enough for one-day computing. 

The reason why Chromebooks spend less battery is their smaller screen size and relatively lower resolution display. Yes, they might not have a stunning 4k display that consumes and drains the battery within a few hours, regardless of the size of the battery you have. 

 Are Chromebooks good for students? 

Advanced Chromebooks are good to run new applications and apps. These are affordable and easy to carry around due to their low weight. These are best for students who remain mostly in their homes and go to college. 

Is it possible that Chromebook is better than a laptop?  

It depends on your use, if you use your computers for casual computing like browsing, docs handling, spreadsheets, and many similar tasks, yes, Chromebooks are better than a laptop for you. But, if you are a professional or a student studying for a professional degree, a working laptop, or a powerful notebook is the best option for you. 

What should be the price range for the best Chromebook for students? 

When you buy a Chromebook for a student then the price range would be between $250 to $400 and it should not exceed this price range. Chromebook is supported with limited specifications and not associated with outstanding features that are why it should be cheap and affordable. You should not spend more than this in buying a good Chromebook, believe me for this price you can buy a great one. 

Can students and young people use Chromebooks?

Yes, students can use Chromebooks and also work on them because Chromebooks are portable, easy to use, and durable. But to run heavy software and video editing you need a laptop with good specifications to perform the heavy task as graphics designing, video editing, etc.

Final Thoughts:

Students attending their classes at home can use Chromebooks as their regular computers for studying. They are especially good for Primary school students, or elementary schools because at this stage you would not require a high-end laptop with lots of computing power but rather prefer one which is easy to use and understand. 

Chromebooks are not for professionals to do their professional tasks such as Heavy apps handling, modeling, gaming, or other tasks.

Yes, professionals on the go can take them a backup for checking emails, browsing, typing, and tasks like that. 

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