How to create effective video ads

In the 5G environment, rich content such as high-quality videos can be viewed crisply due to ultra-high-speed communication with large capacity and low latency. By delivering large-capacity content to viewers, the number of video advertisements that can convey an overwhelming amount of information compared to still images will increase. So how do you create effective video ads that will remain the same in the 5G era? I will explain in 5 steps specifically.

In order to create“winning” video ads with effective creative operations, it is essential to prepare and design before starting creative production. From creating winning creatives through verification, we will develop multiple sizes and expand to delivery destinations. And it is vital to continue to develop new winning creatives, considering the creative life cycle.

Now, I will explain the steps that are the basis of creative production.

Appeal Test

It tests what kind of appeal is addictive to the target. Since videos have a strong visual impression, people tend to be conscious of design and motion when creating creatives. Still, the most important thing is “can you convey an appropriate message to the target?”

Therefore, understanding the product and target is indispensable when creating a creative. We will sort out the advantages for products compared to competitors, and for targets, we will delve into persona analysis through customer interviews, etc., to increase the resolution.

Brush-up test

It tests the wording of multiple appeals and the background material that matches the appeal. At this step, find the best way to convey the appeal that sticks to your target.

How to show

It tests multiple designs with the confirmed contents, and the winning creative is confirmed. Choose a video editing app and consider how to show your product or service in an effective way. You can make an infographic video to show the exact data of your product or service.

Customize videos for different platforms

According to the delivery destination medium, the winning creatives are developed in multiple sizes such as vertical, horizontal, and square. The cost-effectiveness, including the cost for the entire test, such as improvement of CPA, is verified.

In addition, by reflecting the appeal of the winning creative in the main visual of the landing page related to the product, the error between the creative and the landing page will be eliminated, and improvement of CVR can be expected.

As an operational point, never change elements other than test items. If you change it, the variables will increase and it will not be an accurate test. It would help if you were careful not to lose track of what you are always verifying.

The video is composed of 3 parts

When you’re ready, you have to think about the configuration. The composition is the foundation of video creativity. Compared to still images, it can tell a story, but it is said to be challenging to compose because of the complicated elements such as the time axis and animation. Let’s see how to create a creative video structure.

If you divide the video creative into simple elements, it will be “Opening,” “Main part,” and “Call To Action.” This main part can be better understood by considering the framework “AIBAC” announced. The main part consists of Attention, Interest, Benefit, and Action.

The most important is Attention. It is said that SNS users scroll the screen in 1.7 seconds, and in-feed advertisements on the timeline will also flow immediately. In particular, the smartphone native generation, who have been touching smartphones since they were young, are quick to decide whether to see or not. Therefore, it is necessary to have a mechanism to attract in the first 2 seconds.

In order to get interested in an instant, it is necessary to devise ways to add movement to the video by using keywords and animations that resonate with the target, such as “passing the bar examination.” It is also an effective method to personalize yourself with questions such as “Are you enough vegetables?”

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