Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer in 3 Way

If you want to transfer your iTunes library to any computer, then come to the right place. This article is going to help you with step by step guide. Here we are listings the easiest way for transferring the iTunes library to another computer.

Important: It’s recommended that you create a backup of your iTunes library first. See the Apple Support article Back up and restore your iTunes Library.

Method 1: Transfer iTunes Library via Apple Migration Assistant Tool

This tool is a developed apple and very easy to use. Migration Assistant helps you to transfer content on an old Mac/PC Computer to a new Mac. iTunes library, all documents, apps, user accounts, and settings are included. Here is a simple transfer guide in mac. 

  • Migration Assistant is inbuilt with every macOS. So you can by going through the utility folder of your Applications folder. Open this tool and When asked how you want to transfer your content, make sure you have to select the option to transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk. Then choose to continue.
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  • Now go to the old mac and open Migration Assistant by following the previous process. Then at the Migration Assistant screen, select “To another Mac” when asked how you want to transfer information. Now select continue.
  • Go back to the new Mac, and select the information you want to transfer.  Apple may give you a security code to confirm both computers, so make sure the code should show correctly. you have a lot of heavy content, the transfer might take several hours to complete.
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After logging in to the new computer, make sure all content is properly transferred. You will probably have to authorize a new computer to use your newly transferred contents.

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Method 2: Transfer iTunes Library to Another Computer with AnyTrans

AnyTrans is one of the best content managers available for iOS. No matter where you want to manage content on New iPhone, Android devices, or cloud drives, this best is always helpful with a cool user interface. It can easily help you transfer contents stored on iTunes to a computer or iOS device without erasing any data.

  • Download AnyTrans for iOS from here and install it on your device. Now connect your iPhone with this tool. Then Choose the iTunes Library option to enter the iTunes page and wait for the data loading process.
  • Now select the files you want to transfer and click the “To Device” button. Then wait for the finish.
  • Open AnyTrans for iOS tools on a new computer and open it. Connect the iPhone with the new computer. Select the “Content to iTunes” option and click the “>” button to transfer the iTunes library to another computer.

This tool comes with lots of features and you will love it surely.

Method 3: Move the iTunes Library with Home Sharing

This inbuilt feature in iTunes is good for moving the iTunes library to m another computer. You will be required to sign in with the same iTunes account on both computers. 

  • Open your old computer where your contents are available for transfers. select “Home Sharing” on the left side of iTunes under “Shared”. Or you can tap File > Home Sharing to turn on this feature.
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  • Now type your apple account and tap “Create Home Share”. You have to enable home sharing on both computers.
  • After enabling sharing on the new PC, all your Docs, Podcasts, Music, Videos, and Apps in the iTunes library will be shared from the old computer.

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The Bottom Line

I am very confident, that one of the methods on this list is going to work for you. You will definitely transfer the iTunes library to another computer with these methods. So I am waiting for your reply in the comment section. 

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