Impact of an Intro and an Outro in a YouTube Video

Youtube intros and outros have been a part of creators’ arsenals for the longest time now. However, many fail to identify their connection to higher watch times. The most successful and user-friendly videos have a definite beginning and an end, unlike amateurish videos with an uncertain start and an abrupt end.

Importance of Youtube Intros

A short clip of 5 to 10 seconds inserted at the start of all your videos is called a Youtube intro. This clip sets the tone for the channel, as well as gives people a feel of what type of content you will provide them. It will also allow more people to easily identify you as the creator. That’s not all, here are 5 more reasons you need to add intros to your videos.

Resolves the Issue of Short Attention Spans

Content creators on Youtube are in a constant struggle to keep the interest of an audience base whose attention spans are dropping by the minute. In the overly saturated content space, the average attention span lasts just 7 seconds. One slight mistake in these 7 seconds and you have lost a viewer just like that.

Creating a short and crisp Youtube intro of about 5 seconds is the best hook to reel the viewer into the video. Similarly, an overly extended intro can bore the viewer right away and they may opt out of your video altogether. Therefore, make sure you use a professional Youtube intro maker so you can perfectly time your intros using readymade intro templates.

Adds a Professional Impact

Audiences are actively looking for industry experts on Youtube. A well-crafted intro establishes you as an authority in the space and people are more likely to take your video and channel seriously. Adding a consistent, high-quality intro introduces a heightened sense of professionalism. 

Serves as an Introduction

When a new viewer drops to your channel for the first time, a YouTube intro will provide the information they would want to know like who you are and what the channel is about. Once they know what they are about to watch, they are more likely to continue watching. The intro is a great way to give viewers an idea of what they should expect from you, your videos, and your brand, with no surprises.

Establishes Your Branding

Creators put a lot of effort into building a brand. Youtube intros ensure that people recognize it. Throw in the most distinctive features of your brand in the intro. Whether it’s your logo, your brand colors, or your famous tagline, creating a link between your brand and the Youtube channel goes a long way.

However, your intro need not be about your brand always. Using a professional video editor, you may switch up the contents of your intro later based on seasonal trends. However, it is better to use a consistent style of intro during the initial creation stage.

Holds Informational Value

Youtube intros are extremely versatile. Alternating to the last point, your intro doesn’t always have to be about your branding. An intro can also be used to make your audience feel like a part of a community. You can achieve this by including information about your schedule, your social handles, and any other relevant information you would want your viewers to know.

Importance of Youtube Outros

Even though it is called the “end screen” or the “conclusion”, Youtube outros cohesively wrap the video. Leaving your audience with an impactful outro at the end of your videos is a sure-shot way to stand out from the crowd.

These 5 to 10 seconds of content can accomplish a variety of objectives for your channel. Outros increase your watch time, drive more traffic to your socials and website, and extend your reach on Youtube.

Keeps Viewers on Your Channel

Success on Youtube is all about the number of views on your channel. Hence, it is crucial to keep viewers hooked on your videos. This feat can be easily achieved by adding well-crafted outros at the end. Place links from your previous videos in the outro to directly take your viewers to another one of your videos.

When you include another relevant video in your outro, it takes the viewers only one click. A Youtube outro gives you that time and space to showcase your video and do it in an extremely clickable manner. As a result, your Youtube views are greatly increased and your ranking in Search and Suggested Videos is boosted.

Signs off Distinctively

Youtube outros offer you your own, distinctive way of signing off. Your brand’s design element and logo can come together to create a distinct sign-off outro for your channel. Your views have better chances of remembering your content and your brand in the longer run. Thanks to the better retention factor created by the outro.

Your unique outro also helps establish a solid connection between your viewers and your brand. It showcases your brand identity and leaves a long-lasting impression on your viewers.

Match the design elements in your brand and logo to create a unique outro for your videos. Every time your video ends, the viewer will feel some sort of a connection to your brand. In the long run, the same identity will resonate with viewers and help with brand recall. 

Adds a Professional Edge

Through a Youtube outro, you can show your viewers that you are professionally inclined. It tells them that you treat Youtube seriously and you are extremely invested in the space. This makes them trust you more and gives them more reasons to invest in your business.

Increases Your Social Media Following

From Twitter to Instagram and Facebook, you can showcase your social profiles on the outro and encourage viewers to visit them or follow them. You can use an intro maker to get end slide templates with your social media profiles. Even if they don’t follow, they’ll at least explore your social media profiles thus boosting your engagement.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

If you are using an outro, you will have the potential to drive more people to visit your website. Other than social media profiles, you can also place your website link in the outro. You can add it to your visual or put it on an annotation, there are several ways to make your website link noticeable in the outro.

Adds a Distinct Edge to Your Channel

Your brand’s design element and logo can come together to create a distinct outro for your channel. Every time the video ends, the sign-off will help viewers establish a connection with the brand. In the long run, the connection helps with brand recall and identification.

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