How To Play Like Pros In Valorant: Tips & Tricks

When you have to earn yourself a win when you are up against an experienced Valorant player, you will have to go through a lot of frustration. Being a pro player, your opponent can shoot you down using his knowledge of the game’s tips & tricks you might not be familiar with.

Thus, your first task is to have a deep understanding of some key Valorant tips & tricks. Now, since the system can detect these tricks you wish to use during your gameplay, you must trust only those undetected Valorant tricks that are safe to use and rewarding.

These tricks, along with other expert tips & tricks, are aimed at helping you play the game like a pro. Thus, given below is a rundown of the top tips & tricks for playing Valorant like a professional, even if you’re a beginner. 

Effective communication is the key to success

Even before starting the Valorant game, communicate with your team members for match planning and strategy. During the match, talk to your team members to discuss the in-game movements and item drop locations, among others. 

Pro tip: While calling out the locations in the match, be aware of miscommunications as this can hand victory to your opponent. 

Practice, Practice, and Practice

In Valorant, your aiming skills are very crucial. To improve your aiming skills, you need to improve your muscle memory, which depends on your practice routine. Hence, practice a lot!

For this, you should monitor your score while practicing and set a standard for further improvements.

Moreover, before starting any competitive match, practice for at least 15-20 minutes in the Range. It’s the best you can do to ensure yourself a better performance and result.

Get familiar with your gun’s recoil & rate of fire

In a shooting game, you need to have a proper understanding of the gun you would use. Now, no matter which gun you choose, you should get familiar with its recoil and fire rate for a better shooting experience in the match.

For reference, here’s a pro tip. For the first nine bullets, your gun will pull downwards. Thus, you must push your gun in the opposite direction to adjust it. Further, the gun will move from left to right from the 10th bullet onwards. Hence, you will have to adjust your gun again. 

Strafe shooting is the best in a head-on battle

Strafing is an advanced shooting technique that allows your shots to hit the target accurately even though you’re in motion. That is if you’re in a head-on battle and without any cover, then strafe shooting is your cover to win that battle. 

In this, you have to press the “A” and “D” keys pretty quickly to move your character left-right-left. While doing so, you’ll notice that at the end of moving left and before changing your position to the right, your character will become still for a second.

This is when you’ll shoot the fire and move to your left. This way, you will accurately hit your target, but the target won’t be able to hit you as you’re in motion. 

You can also press the “Shift” key while moving up and down to improve your shot’s accuracy.

Don’t forget to adjust your crosshairs

Be it Valorant or any FPS game, adjusting your crosshairs is the key and of great importance. There is no particular pattern, color, or universal type of crosshair; it’s all down to personal preferences. 

However, once you become a bit professional playing Valorant, you will get to know which crosshair will go best for you. And Valorant also allows you to tweak or modify them anytime too for different levels.

Adjust your mouse’s sensitivity

Being a PC-only game, your mouse sensitivity plays an important role in your success in Valorant. For a professional play, you should be able to make a complete 180° turn on a single mouse swipe. 

If you’re not sure of the mouse sensitivity, practice more to know how much sensitivity is good for your game and update it accordingly in the settings.

Pick gun according to the situations

This is the most important tip to play Valorant professionally. Always pick a gun according to the situation instead of going after your favorite one. 

There are several types of guns for every situation. For example, a shotgun is the best pick for the game’s best mobile agent Duellist Jett


To play Valorant like a pro, you must follow the above amazing tips & tricks. However, never forget that your level of practice is what will get you more kills! You can also use readily available tips and tricks to shoot down your opponent in one go. 

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