Top 5 OCR Apps And Software 

When it comes to writing, there are now more options than ever for reducing the amount of typing required. That means you can spend more time writing down your brilliant ideas rather than wasting time looking for the shift key. photo to text technology keeps you away from wasting time and photo to text converter online.

Optical Character Recognition, on the other hand, is something that many people ignore (OCR.) OCR is excellent at converting text from physical sources to digital documents. OCR tools and apps are available for both desktop and mobile devices. Prices vary, but each app or service has its own set of critical features. If you’re always surrounded by documents, there’s a good chance you’ve identified an OCR program that’s suitable for you.

In this article, we will talk about OCR apps and software that help in daily life tasks

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Office Lens:

Office Lens is a mobile-based OCR developed by Microsoft. Its primary function is to convert notes written on whiteboards or blackboards into digital format. photo to text converter makes this app more attractive by converting images to a readable format. It can also trim digital versions of printed papers, business cards, and posters. Its appeal originates from its capacity to enhance and optimize photos acquired, automatically scaling them to size. The app Office Lens is available on the App Store and Google Play. After scanning, you can save the image to OneNote, OneDrive, or locally on your smartphone.

Online OCR:

This OCR is likewise very simple and straightforward to use and may be found online. The ‘Free Online OCR’ is particularly useful because it supports 46 languages, including Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Using a photo to text converter helps to convert images into written form quickly. It works by uploading and converting a file (up to 5MB) to Microsoft Word, Excel, or plain text. After you’ve registered, you can buy extra pages per hour. You may also convert multipage PDF, RTF, and Excel documents, as well as files up to 100 MB, by joining up and registering.

Google Docs:

If you’re already familiar with Google Docs, you might wish to use Google Drive’s built-in OCR. The document’s font should be adjusted to Arial or Times New Roman for the best effects. You may improve the outcome even more by ensuring that the image being scanned has even lighting and clear color contrast. If you want to get the exact information about your images try to use photo-to-text converter technology. It helps Google docs be more attractive with its flawless results.

Individual images (jpg, png, and gif files) or multi-page PDF documents can be processed. It also includes support for a variety of languages, including Filipino, Finnish, Yiddish, and Zulu. To give Google Docs a decent chance of recognizing your text, the resolution of your document should be at least 10 pixels in height.

OmniPage Standard 18:

The ‘OmniPage Standard 18’ costs £54.99 for individuals wishing to use an OCR on a professional level and don’t mind paying a little money. It was just named a “Gold Award Winner” and ranked first in a list of OCR Software analyses and comparisons on Despite the fact that this is your most expensive choice, it is not the most expensive OCR available. 

Its feature set is amazing for the price; it can convert paper or PDF documents to electronic files, make word-searchable text files, and process enormous numbers of documents, but most significantly, you can expect each new file to match the original document’s color, layout, and font identically. Moreover, photo to text converter raises its value for users by giving good readable results of image documents.

PDF Scanner: Document Scan+ OCR:

‘PDF Scanner, Document Scan+ OCR’ is one of the most popular OCR tools, and it continues to earn positive feedback for its user-friendly features. The program, which is available for Android users, allows you to add your personal signature to papers by importing photos as well as PDF files. It is only 5MB in size and is also available for free download. Despite the fact that this is a free program, there are no restrictions on the number of documents you can scan, and there are no watermarks, so your documents are ready to go. Photo to text provides a better readable form of an image so that it will be easy for a PDF scanner to scan documents precisely.

Use these free online OCR tools.

Bottom Lines:

These are some OCR apps and software that make work easy and more clear to understand. At the same time, if you use image to text then it adds more clearance to your work by providing readable details of complicated pictures.

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