Instagram User Not Found Error Messages Explained Easily

If you just searched for someone on Instagram and encountered “user not found on Instagram” or “no users found”. During such situations, people think their accounts might be blocked or deleted by Instagram. But Actually, there is something left behind this error “user not found on Instagram”. Here are the top asked questions we covered in this article. 

It happens sometimes if the users are disabled or users entered the wrong username. you can find the username in real-time by typing your id on an Instagram search. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Instagram say No users found when you log in?

As I already said that there are many reasons behind this error user not found on Instagram. However, three things happen: Instagram might have deleted or deactivated your account, or your account may be disabled temporarily and lastly, you are typing the wrong user name.

2. “user not found” when you search for someone on Instagram?

This would happen when your account is blocked on Instagram. When you search for any username and got the user not found a message on Instagram, then you might be blocked by them.

3. Why did Instagram delete my account

The simple answer is a policy violation. Instagram deletes accounts if you violate their drug sales or sexual solicitation policies. Instagram may also delete your account due to the following reasons: If your account has been inactive for a long time, they delete your account.

4. Can Instagram delete your account without warning?

Usually, they will get an alert if your posts get removed due to rule-breaking. However, Instagram deleted some accounts without warning.

5. Can I reactivate my Instagram account?

Yes, if you lost access to your Instagram account then Got to the Instagram help page. you can also try to contact Instagram and ask them to reactivate your account.

6. Instagram Profile Photo Showing but User not Found

This happens when you are blocked by someone. So sometimes you will see their photo when you search for their username.

Regain access to your Instagram account.

Why you are getting the error “user not found on Instagram”?

Instagram is the most crowded social media platform of the current era, sometimes you will get this error because of a bug in the Instagram platform. There is no single reason for this issue. You can get these types of errors for multiple reasons. Here I would explain the possible reason why you would get the error.

Typed the wrong username

You might see a username tagged, mentioned, or written in the caption of the post. Now you clicked on that username and suddenly you got the error “User Not Found”. so now you might that you got blocked, but this is not right at all. Maybe it was a mistyping of username. You may check the meaning of the username or simply notify the original poster.

They have changed their username

The first and common reason behind the error. If someone changed their username, you will get this issue when you search for their old username. 

So if someone visits the old post which is tagged with the old username, now the original user changed their username. Now when you click on their old username, you will see a ” user not found” error.

Temporarily disabled accounts 

If someone temporarily disabled their Instagram account. In such a case, you can not see their profile on Instagram. So when you search for their username, then you will see a “user not found” message.

Deleted Accounts

Due to many reasons their account may be deleted by Instagram. Instagram is always strict with its policy. So if someone violated Instagram policy, their account on Instagram may be deleted. When you try to open their profile on Instagram, you will see users not found always.

Banned by Instagram

It might happen Instagram banned some of the accounts due to violation of terms and conditions. If this happens, you can’t see their profile until Instagram removes its ban or limitations. If that profile is deleted by Instagram, you can’t see their posts anymore.

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How to fix users not found on Instagram

as we discussed in this post, users not found on Instagram mean you are blocked, banned by Instagram, or maybe your account is deleted. however, you will also see this message when you mistype your username and password on Instagram so make sure you are entering the correct username. so it’s important to go through these steps and you can also try to forget the password.


So if you are in such a situation, then go through this article. It might be able to help you find the best reason why you’re getting the “user not found” message.

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  1. I just went through this article, I have someone blocked me and changed my email address and password..please how do I regain my account

  2. my instagram account got logged out, and i cant log in, and my page wont appear in search lists on other devices. if u open the page URL it dont show my posts and recently my username on page is changed to instagrammer, it shows the number of my followers, followings, and my bio, but no post or profile picture. What has happed to my page?

  3. I can’t log to my previous account @***** it’s been a two weeks, every time when I’m searching to login it’s saying user not found when I’m trying to put my password it’s saying Wrong passwords, i’ve been emailing Instagram nonstop every day like 27 emails are trying to call leaving voice message…..they not responding they not helping me this is a ridiculous it is a big company Instagram but they don’t check my email seriously;( I have 1000 family picture and videos and my Account I lost them all;( I don’t have a copy on my phone, I don’t know what happened to my account? Can somebody help me please? I really want my account back making me sick because I lost all my memory family picture;( I already contact with my lawyer we’re going to sue the Instagram they cannot delete my Instagram without telling me;(

  4. hi im verified on insta with 580,000 followers been locked out since november can’t remember last password i used. i try to request a new one and get the user not found… but my account is still there and is active. have not done anything wrong as to getting banned or disabled etc. need help

  5. Last 2 month deactivate my instagram account I have no idea how can handle this situation ….I request please send my instagram username and email id …I have no idea how can open this I’d ….so please request send my username and instagram I’d

  6. Hey there. I am having a problem to enter my account. The page is active, so I cant fill any forms. When I try to log in, it appears ‘user not found’. But my friends can see my @ . What can we do? They don’t send any link to redefine the password. Thanks in advance

    • Im having the same issue! i cant login and it comes up as user not found (nor will the code send to my phone # attached to it) yet i can still see my account up when viewing from a separate instagram account. Did you manage to get it fixed if so how i have no clue how to fix it

  7. Hi, i was trying to log into my account and it went to recover my password/login and i never got the code. i then went to login on my computer and it says that my user is not found. My account is still up as i looked on a separate account yet when attempting to login it continues to say this account is not found. Im not sure what to do and instagram help does not have anything available for a situation like this. help please!:(

  8. Has anyone gotten their account back? This happened to me last night and I’m gutted. When trying to log in it just says there was a problem, then when I try and do forgot my password it says “no user found”, but when I go to make a new account to check about my email, it says it’s attached to an account already, and I can see my account using my husbands Instagram but it says there’s no photos on it. I’m so sad, I had photos on there I’m not sure if I still have elsewhere. I can’t find anything to get hold of them either, there isn’t an email address anywhere that works… it’s really not good enough that they just leave people in the dark like this.

    • Hi, the same thing happened to me and I don’t know why! They logged me out of my business account, it’s all I have, I enter my code and it says there’s a error I go to then look for my account from my iPad and I can’t find my account / user not found! Tried to send link to my email address and they re logged me in on a new account name but not my old one! Everything is lost and gone! If anyone knows any way to help please let
      Me know! Xx

    • The same thing happened to me four days ago. I’m going in circles with support. Can’t appeal anything cause it says user not found when submitting the form. All my pics and followers, travelling meeting people around the world, GONE. I am so gutted I can’t believe it. I have not violated any policies I hadn’t posted anything in over a month. It’s so random. I still think I was hacked.

  9. I had my old Instagram account disabled and they had logged me out left it a fortnight and still no luck so I opened a new account an got a few old followers back from first account. They were relieved and happy to see me back but as I was going to a friends which account who Id just started following again and it said account private which my friends account isn’t as I’d followed them for a while before I’d been disabled. Then next thing noticed came up your account has been compromised. One friend of which we are Facebook friends too says my new account is still on there and she can see it and the comments people have sent. Will I be able to log back in at some point and how long will this take I wonder. Any help greatly appreciated but helps knowing others facing the same problems. I’ve never been abusive or violent or racist.

  10. My account got suspended, when i try to fill Instagram support form there it should we don’t have any record of this user or id. What should i do now. How can i retrieve my account.
    Any help please.


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