“user not found” on Instagram: Troubleshoot

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If you just searched someone on Instagram and encountered “user not found” or “no users found”. During such situations, people think their account might be blocked or deleted by Instagram. Actually, there are some meanings left behind this error “Instagram says user not found”. Here are the top asked questions we covered in this article. 

It happens sometimes if the user’s are disabled or users entered the wrong username. you can find the username in realtime by typing your id on Instagram search. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Instagram say No users found when you log in?

As I already said that there many reasons behind this error. However, three things that happen: Instagram might have deleted or deactivated your account, or your account may be disabled temporarily and lastly, you are typing the wrong user name.

2. “user not found” when you search someone on Instagram?

This would happen when your account is blocked on Instagram. When you search for any username and got the user not found a message on Instagram, then you might be blocked by them.

3. Why did Instagram delete my account

The simple answer is a policy violation. Instagram deletes accounts if you violate their drug sales or sexual solicitation policies. Instagram may also delete your account due to the following reasons: If your account has been inactive for a long time, they delete your account.

4. Can Instagram delete your account without warning?

Usually, they will get alert if your posts get removed due to rule-breaking and. However, Instagram deleted some accounts without warning.

5. Can I reactivate the Instagram account?

Yes, if you lost access to your Instagram account then Got to the Instagram help page.

6. Profile Photo Showing but User not Found

This happens when you are blocked by someone. So sometimes you will see their photo when you search for their username.

Regain access to your Instagram account.

Why you are getting “user not found” error on Instagram?

Instagram is the most crowded social media platform of the current era, sometimes you will get this error because of a bug in the Instagram platform. There is no single reason for this issue. You can get these types of errors for multiple reasons. Here I would explain the possible reason why you would get the error.

Typed the wrong username

You might see a username tagged, or mentioned, or written in the caption of the post. Now you clicked on that username and suddenly you got the error “User Not Found”. so now you might that you got blocked, but this not right at all. Maybe it was a mistyping of username. You may check the meaning of the username or simply notify the original poster.

They have changed their username

The first and common reason behind the error. If someone changed their username, you will get this issue when you search their old username. 

So if someone visits the old post which is tagged with the old username, now original user changed their username. Now when you click on their old username, you will see ” user not found” error.

Temporarily disabled accounts 

If someone temporarily disabled their Instagram account. In such a case, you can not see their profile on Instagram. So when you search for their username, then you will see “user not found” message.

Deleted Accounts

Due to many reasons their account may be deleted by Instagram. Instagram is always strict with its privacy policy. So if someone violated Instagram policy, their account on Instagram is deleted. When you try to open their profile on Instagram, you sell user not found always.

Banned by Instagram

It might happen Instagram banned some of the accounts due to violation of terms and conditions. If this happens, you can’t see their profile until Instagram remove their ban or limitations. If that profile is deleted by Instagram, you can’t see their posts anymore.

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How to fix user not found on Instagram

as we discussed in this post, user not found on Instagram mean you are blocked, banned by Instagram or maybe account is deleted. however, you will also see this message when you mistype username on Instagram. so it’s important to go through these processes and troubleshoot.


So if you are in such situations, then go through this article. It might able to help you find the best reason why you’re getting the “user not found” message. Best Of Luck.

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