How To Hide Control Center Tiles In WatchOS 7

The Most Powerful and feature-packed WatchOS 7 is launched in WWDC 2020. WatchOS 7 has new and updated features like Watch Faces, One-tap shortcut, One-tap World Clock, Camera Remote, Moon Phase, and comes with all new updated Sleep App. New faces to make your own style and Chronograph Pro has a tachymeter with a lot of space for customization. X‑Large gets grand complications and Photos to give you color filters to add to any picture. And there are more extended styles to show your pride. As Apple has provided opportunity access to the first developer beta of watchOS 7, we can jump into what has changed in the new WatchOS Operating system.

Apple Watch gives a Control Center exactly like their iPhone, where you can access Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Don’t Disturb, and more options. With watchOS 7, Apple Watch users can finally hide some of the Control Center tiles for the first time very quickly in the control center. As you know Siri is key to the Best Apple Watch experience. You can do almost anything on your watch hands-free, just by asking. Now Siri can do even more, faster.

“Siri on Apple Watch Devices can translate into 10 languages”

One of the unique features of the Apple WatchOS 7 is you can get a reminder for washing hands. Apple WatchOS 7 has the capability to automatically detect when you start washing your hands and helps you keep going for the amount of time suggested by global health organizations.

Apple WatchOS 7 Hand Wash Reminder

Now Come to the main topic of this article. As the Apple Control Center on WatchOS is adding new options every year, it’s important to learn to hide some unused toggles that can be very valuable to some users. Earlier, with Apple watchOS 6, users only get permission to rearrange the available buttons.

Check out all New and Updated features list on the official Apple WatchOS 7 Page.

WatchOS 7: How To Hide Control Center Tiles

Editing given options in Apple WatchOS 7 Control Center is now very simple but sometimes people didn’t get a clue. To do that you have to just swipe one of your fingers from the bottom of the Apple Watch Screen or maybe you can also do it by long-pressing at the rear edge of the watch screen if you’re running an app to open the Control Panel of the Watch. Now Scroll to the bottom and tap “Edit.”

Apple WatchOS Control Center

You can touch and move the features icons to rearrange them or tap the red badge to hide a particular toggle. However, there are some important tiles that you can’t hide as Cellular, Wi-Fi, Battery, and Airplane Mode. 

There is a new update to Apple watchOS 7 which introduces a new Control Center option to allow and disallow “Announce Messages with Siri on AirPods.”

WatchOS 7 release date

Apple WatchOS 7 is currently in developer beta now for testing purposes only, and for the first time, a public beta will be available in July. The New watchOS 7 will be available for everyone this fall as a free software update available for Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, or Apple Watch Series 5 paired with Apple iPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 operating system or later.

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However, if you are excited to try Apple WatchOS 7, you can download the developer beta version. But This is also a chance you will face bugs in the Public Beta Version because the Beta version is not stable so why do only limited users get access to the beta version of the software.

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